Spine Disorders

Physicians at Inland Neurosurgery and Spine provide a comprehensive spine center for management of all spinal disorders.

comprehensive management

  • Clinical evaluation
  • Nonsurgical management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Surgical treatment when indicated

This comprehensive team approach means you get the best evidence-based care. Our goal is to treat your spinal disorder with conservative therapies, minimizing the cost as much as possible.

Conservative treatment means the development of an individualized nonsurgical treatment plan. This typically includes physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, corticosteroid injections, and anti-inflammatory medicines. 

When you need surgical treatment the neurosurgeons at Inland Neurosurgery and Spine use the latest techniques and spinal instrumentations to treat simple and complex spinal disorders. Surgical treatment is performed at Sacred Heart Medical Center, where our spine surgeons have consistently ranked in the top 5% among the nation based on Medicare statistics. They perform a wide array of surgeries using the least invasive approach for your specific condition. This includes simple spine surgeries such as lumbar and cervical discectomies for herniated discs. They provide highly skilled artificial disc replacement in the neck and back. When spinal fusions are needed, both direct and minimally invasive instrumented fusions are provided throughout the whole spinal axis. They also treat the majority of spinal fractures in the region including spinal cord injury.


surgical treatments

Herniated cervical disc and ACDF

Herniated lumbar disc and microdiscectomy

Lumbar fusion


Videos about Spine Disorders

Dr. Martz speaks about spine surgery.